🧊Solchat V2

In Solchat v2, we will introduce many new features:

  1. New v2 Solana gradient UI, which is mobile-friendly.

  2. NFT Profile Pictures: You can choose your favorite Solana NFT as your profile picture.

  3. SNS Integration: We will integrate Solana Name Service, allowing you to call your friends using their SNS.

  4. AllDomains Integration: We will also integrate AllDomains.

  5. Group Chats: You can have group chats with your friends.

  6. Online Status: You can see whether your friend's wallet is online or offline.

  7. Message Reactions: React to messages.

  8. File Sharing: Share files from wallet to wallet.

  9. Host Files on IPFS: Utilize IPFS for hosting files.

  10. Emojis: Use emojis in your conversations.

  11. GIFs: Send and receive GIFs.

  12. Stickers: Use stickers in your chats.

  13. Wallet Streaming: Stream content from your wallet.

  14. End-to-End Encryption: Ensure your conversations are secure.

  15. Send SPL Tokens: Use SPL tokens for payments.

  16. More features to be added.

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