Phase 1:

• Website development • Whitepaper creation • Solchat message system setup • Social media verification • Prelaunch marketing activities • Community building efforts

Phase 2:

• Presale launch on Solrocket • Official launch on Raydium • Strategic marketing campaigns • Implementation of Solchat texting and image features • Listing on CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko (CG) • Setting up Solchat LP pools (Meteora)

Phase 3:

• Expansion of the community • Global marketing initiatives • Introduction of Solchat audio and video calling • Integration with SOL ecosystem • New UI design implementation • Release of Solchat v2 • Establishing Dapp partnerships • Addition of extra features to Solchat

Phase 4: • Incorporation of additional features into Solchat • Release of Solchat SDK • Launching Solchat App on Solana Mobile DApp Store • Release of SOLCHAT Validator • Solchat Widgets • Solchat Custom Rooms • Introduction of in-app rewards for Solchat users

Phase 5:

• Listing on centralized exchanges (CEX) • Implementation of group chat feature in Solchat • Introduction of Solchat streaming functionality • Forming partnerships with other entities • Launching staking for rewards within Solchat • Incorporating additional features into Solchat

Phase 6: TBA

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