Our Features

Solchat is a user-friendly protocol that allows users to communicate from wallet to wallet or between multiple wallets.

  1. Text Messages: You can chat with your friends one-on-one on Solana, encrypted just like your conversations on Instagram.

  2. Audio Calls: Talk to your friends via audio, encrypted and peer-to-peer using WebRTC.

  3. Video Calls: Video call your friends wallet to wallet, using WebRTC just like WhatsApp.

  4. Pictures: Post images stored on-chain storages like Arweave or IPFS.

  5. Group Chats: Create groups and chat with multiple friends together.

  6. Emojis: Enhance your chats with the use of emojis.

  7. Payments: Send SOL as payments to your friends, similar to CashApp.

  8. Encryption: Messages are stored on-chain on Solana using encryption and decrypted when you connect your wallet to our UI.

  9. Security: Since messages are essentially transactions with custom memos, you can use a burner wallet with a little SOL, like 0.1 SOL, for several months.

  10. Less Gas: Solana's stateless nature allows us to store messages on-chain, requiring only a small amount of SOL, like 0.000005 SOL, to send each message to your friend.

  11. Premium Features: We will offer premium features for those who stake their $CHAT tokens.

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